“As a mother, entrepreneur, holistic healer and self-proclaimed beach bum, my life has been a continuous quest to nurture my gifts and live as abundantly as possible. My path has been a beautiful journey of spiritual exploration, awakening to my own soul and authentic essence, connecting with women in a profound and meaningful way, and empowering them to reawaken to their most divine, highest, and loving self.  I celebrate the sacred weaving, balancing and union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies we all carry within ourselves to reach our fullest potential.  My passion is gathering like-minded souls around the world, and creating spaces where dreams can be realized.  My life’s work is to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through processes that restore wholeness and harmony.  Our bodies are vast pharmacies, which when activated can produce whatever we need to manifest health, wholeness, abundance in all forms and love.  The healer is in me… The healer is in YOU.” -Naima

Events & Retreats

From the Americas, to Bali, Tulum, Egypt, India, Peru and beyond, my beautiful and life-altering travel journey’s provide a unique opportunity for women to vacation in a meaningful way, to some of the most amazing destinations on Earth.  I am so proud and excited to honor my spirit led vision to create a rich space for women to gather and explore the world with other like-minded, uplifting, spirit-led women.  Are you looking for a vacation where you can deeply relax, discover your greatest potential and deepest longings for happiness, inner peace, and bliss, all in the midst of beautiful surroundings, culture, the best food and sisterhood?  If so, you may have been led here to discover “THE FIVE ELEMENTS” retreats!  My exclusive, one of a kind retreat offerings are for women who feel called to sacred lands to experience a beautiful balance of Sisterhood + Local Culture + Regional Cuisine + Relaxation + Fun!  I have personally traveled to each destination and have thoughtfully chosen all of our accommodations, excursions, meals, and experiences to provide a truly idyllic, safe and memorable experience for intimate groups of women.  Be sure to check out my calendar below by clicking each retreat for complete details, and continue to check back often for new destinations to be added.  I look forward to journeying with you!

april 2019

25apr(apr 25)4:00 pm29(apr 29)4:00 pmTHE FIVE ELEMENTS RETREAT | BALI INDONESIA (SOLD OUT)

may 2019

04may(may 4)4:30 pm05(may 5)4:30 pmDream Big. Set Goals. Take Action! | Joshua Tree CA (SOLD OUT)

17may(may 17)3:00 pm19(may 19)3:00 pmSPRING REFRESH RETREAT | SEDONA AZ

august 2019

03aug(aug 3)11:00 am(aug 3)11:00 amLong Beach Vegan Food & Music Festival | Long Beach CA

october 2019

02oct(oct 2)2:00 pm07(oct 7)2:00 pmTHE FIVE ELEMENTS RETREAT | EGYPT

december 2019

06dec(dec 6)4:00 pm09(dec 9)4:00 pmTHE FIVE ELEMENTS RETREAT | TULUM MEXICO

april 2020

14apr(apr 14)2:00 pm19(apr 19)2:00 pmTHE FIVE ELEMENTS RETREAT | PERU

may 2020

14may(may 14)4:00 pm18(may 18)4:00 pmTHE FIVE ELEMENTS RETREAT | BALI INDONESIA

july 2020

16jul(jul 16)4:00 pm20(jul 20)4:00 pmTHE FIVE ELEMENTS RETREAT | ZANZIBAR AFRICA

august 2020

06aug(aug 6)4:00 pm11(aug 11)4:00 pmTHE FIVE ELEMENTS RETREAT | THAILAND

Holistic Offerings

Awaken your energetic flow.  Clear internal blockages.  Balance your life’s energy to live more abundantly and joyfully.  Gain clarity, insight and a heightened awareness of self.  Overcome relationship, health and financial challenges.  Deeply relax.  Create a harmonized and fulfilled existence.  Reveal and express your luminous spirit.  Thrive.

Gifting your entire body with holistic (mind. body. spirit as a whole) therapies will enable you to gain greater self-awareness and appreciation for renewed balance, health and vitality.  I look forward to connecting with you on your journey to your highest and most vibrant self!  I travel throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and accept appointments in my Long Beach, CA space.

To schedule an appointment for any of my offerings, please email me at [email protected] with your availability, phone number and specify which service or offering you’re interested in.

Signature Holistic Energy Balancing Sessions

Your session will include a natural, non-invasive, and deeply relaxing treatment that involves a transfer of pure energy with light touch, with the intention of bringing you into an optimal state of balance and holistic well-being. Your treatment may include a custom combination of Reiki Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Crystal Therapy, Chromotherapy (Color Therapy), Aromatherapy, Vibrational Sound Therapy, and Aura Strengthening, depending on your personal assessment and needs.

As a result of the removal of any energy blockages, and an infusion of positive energy patterns, you will leave feeling completely energized, and more energetically aligned in all levels of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

During your session, your aura and chakras (the seven main energy centers aligned down the front and back of your body) will be read and assessed.  You will gain insights regarding your mental, emotional and physical states, to address issues or blockages on a deeper level.  Upon completion of your treatment, your energy will be clear and flow freely throughout your system, creating harmony within.

Private Group Guided Meditations and Healing Sound Baths

Provide a tremendous amount of energy and healing to your family, friends, and loved ones by hosting a private group guided meditation and healing sound bath in the comfort of your own home.

Energetic Space Clearings for your Home or Personal Office 

Give your home or office a fresh start with an energetic space clearing session. Not only is your space made of physical matter, but it also carries a silent energy, that accumulates over time. As even the happiest homes accumulate in time negative vibrations, it is good to energetically cleanse your space thoroughly, several times throughout the year. Space clearings are a powerful and authentic way to align your environment with your highest purpose. Your space will feel open and clear, and this energy will begin to reflect within your mind and your life immediately. The session will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, as I energetically clean, clear, and bless your entire home or work space. This time also includes any communication that you wish to engage in. Please let me know in advance if you are sensitive or allergic to any fragrances in particular, as I may use natural herbs, woods, or plants (such as sage and palo santo) and aromatherapy, depending on the particular needs of your home or space.

An Energetic Space Clearing may be for you if:

  • You have recently moved into a new home (the stagnant energy of the previous occupants is still in your home if you have not energetically cleansed the space)
  • You feel uncomfortable in your home or office
  • You feel negative energy lingering in your home or office
  • You’ve been through a negative event in your home (divorce, break-up, illness)
  • You’ve been suffering from grief, depression, anxiety, or relationship difficulties
  • You feel creatively blocked or uninspired
  • You are having difficulty sleeping and are having bad dreams

Sisterhood Gatherings

Gather a circle of sisters and celebrate the most powerful force known to humanity!  I create beautiful, sacred and dynamic spaces for women to connect, support, laugh, share, create, realize, and love.  In circle, you will be seen and heard for all that you are.  You will feel deeply inspired and connected, while taking the time out to nurture and replenish yourself and your divine feminine heart and soul.  In circle, your soul gifts will come to life through reflection, ritual, and inspiration, as you are led into blazing your own sacred path towards a vibrant and supremely abundant life! 

Sacred Celebrations

Gather an intimate group of family and friends, and I’ll bring the Beachbum Wisdom Boutique and Healing Services right into the comfort of your home or personal space.  With a variety of offerings, we will explore Crystals, Chakras, Color Therapy, Natural Healing, Goddess Rituals, Meditation, and more…whatever you choose for your guests to engage in a fun, relaxing, healing, and connected afternoon or evening.  I also offer a Chakra Reading and Crystal Consultation for each guest, if you so choose, with each individual learning more about what energetic centers or areas they should focus on for a more balanced and holistic way of living.  Sacred Celebrations are primarily offered in Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire and surrounding areas, and are perfect for birthdays, bridal parties, home spa parties, or just because.

Healing Hikes

Nature soothes, restores, and connects us to the healing power of the Earth.  As an experienced hiking guide, I will lead you on an amazing journey on a trail designated to suit your personal needs and intensity level.  You will learn to take cues from nature, expand your awareness, and cleanse your ethereal body in the beauty of Mother Nature.  I know the most amazing hidden treasures, from mountains, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, ridges, and everything in between, and have discovered the best routes, points of interest, and jaw-dropping views for you to enjoy.  Hikes typically range from 2.5 – 4.5 hours round-trip, depending on mileage, with your choice of morning or afternoon departures.  Guided hikes can be coordinated for one-on-one, groups, meaningful special events, corporate team building, birthdays, anniversaries, or just for fun.  Be sure to check my calendar for occasional Healing Hikes meetups in and around the greater Los Angeles area.

About Naima

My mission is to honor my spirit led path of service, exploration, and inspiring people to reawaken to their most empowered, wise, graceful, beautiful, divine and highest selves.  Through my work, I promote mind-body-spirit awakening and self-healing. I believe that the healer is within each one of us, and that I serve as a partner in assisting people to connect with their own inherent ability to heal.  My love of sacred travel and exploration has led me to create beautiful opportunities for women to meet all over the world, in the name of sacred travel and sisterhood through Beachbum Wisdom.  In addition to travel, I am passionate in raising my daughters, nature exploration, cooking, eating, wine tasting, playing with crystals and sharing beautiful experiences with my tribe, to name a few.

Over the past 24 years, I have been blessed with opportunities to train, experience, and gain certifications / credentials in:

  • Usui Reiki
  • Crystal and Vibrational Therapy
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Holistic Health and Fitness Practitioner, Instructor, Writer, Consultant, and Speaker
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Yoga (RYT, RCYT 200)
  • Children’s Holistic Fitness and Nutrition Education
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love + Light + Peace of Mind – Naima


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