Visualization in Meditation for Releasing Energetic Blocks

Visualization in Meditation for Releasing Energetic Blocks

Did you know that you are capable of releasing harmful physical and emotional energy blocks yourself, by doing simple, effective clearing visualization in meditation exercises?  Having regular sessions with a holistic coach or healer are definitely helpful and will create a huge positive shift in your energy, however, having techniques that you can practice to keep your day-to-day energy in check will be highly beneficial to your physical and subtle (etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual) bodies.

You may be carrying around years of negative emotional residue, fear, resentment, and stress. And while persistent energy blocks can be subtle – they typically show up in the way that you feel.  They wreak havoc on your immune system, and cause feelings of heaviness, exhaustion, worry, frustration, sadness, and other lower vibrational experiences.  Whatever the cause or effect, be aware that stagnant and unhealthy energy is temporary and changeable – and that you have the power to a create positive and healthy flow in your energy.  You have deeper abilities that you may realize!  Your mind and body are impeccably designed, and even though you carry an energetic imprint of everything that has occurred over your lifetime, you are well equipped to overcome and evolve for your highest good.

Visualization in meditation exercises are one of the most empowering practices in releasing the grips of the subconscious, so that you can release energetic blocks.  It is usually when you enter a place of stillness, that deeper levels of healing can occur.  I’d love for you to try this 5-10 minute visualization in meditation exercise that I wrote specifically for clearing energetic blocks and an infusion of healing and vitality.  My hope is that if you’ve never tried anything like this before, it will help you to develop a consistent practice to strengthen the communication between your mind and body.  The experience will be different for everyone, so do not be attached to the results.  Rather, observe your personal journey and make any adjustments that resonate with you.  Be sure to comment and let me know if this is helpful for you!

Visualization Meditation:

Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit

Become fully aware of your breath

Feel the sensation of the air gently traveling down into your lungs

With each deep inhalation, you are breathing in life force energy and vitality

With each slow exhalation, you are releasing toxins and any energy that is not of service to you

Stay with this breath, close your eyes, and focus on the feeling of deep peace and tranquility for 10 inhalations

And with each exhale, focus on the feeling of deep release and clearing

Start to become aware of sensations of warming, cooling, or tingling in every cell of your body

Feel the energy and sensations of the extended environment and every part of nature

Now join those energies as one

Visualize a beautiful bright golden light, glowing over the crown of your head

Feel it start to travel down into your body through the center of your forehead

Slowly moving down into your throat

Traveling down into your chest

All the way through your solar plexus

Down to your navel

Through the hips and down the legs

And all the way down to your toes

Your body is completely filled with divine loving light and energy

Allow that healing energy to completely permeate every physical space of your body

Allow it to work through any area of your body that needs peace, release, and healing

Bring into your awareness any intentions or desires you may have

Hold space for those intentions and desires, and grant yourself permission to have them

Allow the healing energy to bring them into reality

Feel your connection to love, light, divine healing, and all that is one

xoxo, Naima Woodson, Beachbum Wisdom

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