Sacred Travel

Sacred Travel

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

Do you believe that certain places around the globe are innately spiritual and have the power to heal?  Or that we gravitate to the magnetism of certain travel destinations, for deeper spiritual or energetic awakenings?  Believe it or not, these spiritually magnetic places, also known as Earth’s energy vortexes, are energetically charged areas around the globe, that have been known and mapped as sacred spaces for millennia.  From Sedona, Arizona to Machu Picchu, Peru, many of these well known energy vortexes have been classified as the Earth’s chakra points, and have  the power to attract, receive, and transmit energy, just like the spiraling energy points in the human body.  It is said that the energy in these areas is what intuitively prompted ancients to build pyramids, churches, temples, and other centers of spirit and healing on specific land.

Personally, I’ve been drawn to travel to spiritually magnetic places around the globe for as long as I can remember. From camping on sacred indigenous Native American California land in my early twenties, to journeying solo to the beautiful and enchanted land of Bali, Indonesia, I could never explain why my attraction was so strong for places like this.  Of course, they’re visually beautiful and breathtaking… but I knew the calling was much deeper than meets the eye.  Visiting these sites has not only resulted in a stronger connection with Mother Earth, but also, the ability to be a stronger conduit of universal energy.


This week, I find myself in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a relaxing, peaceful and quiet escape.  It was not immediately apparent, but after only a few days of tuning into the energy of this space, I have been made aware that yet again, I have been magnetically drawn to the energy of the healing land that it’s known for.  There’s no wonder why there are so many hot-springs rich with Native-inspired services, high vibration food restaurants, churches, and healing centers in all of the cities here!  It is so clear that these energy vortexes call me when the time is right, and by honoring the call, I receive an amazingly positive shift in my vibration.  The energy of each land that I’ve traveled, has been what I needed in that present moment to support my growth and evolution.  Not only that, but I have experiences, memories, and photographs that will last my lifetime and beyond, stories to share with my children and friends, and good energy that will pour into every area of my life, including my work and my community.

Now if you’re wondering where all of these good-vibe, magnetically charged vacation spots are… they’re all over the place!  In fact, there is probably one a drive or short plane ride away from where you are in this very moment.  You can certainly research these places on the internet, but I’d like to instead challenge you to honor the calling of places that you’ve been drawn to visit.  Even if they’re on the other side of the globe, go there, be present, and allow the energy of the land to heal your body, enlighten your mind and inspire your heart.  Take a journey that grows you in ways never imagined!

xoxo, Naima Woodson, Beachbum Wisdom

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