Tune Inward and Embrace the Energy of the Solar Eclipse

Tune Inward and Embrace the Energy of the Solar Eclipse

As we approach what will be a historic celestial event next week, I send you love, support, encouragement and beautiful rays of hope as you are moved into new chapters and ways of being.  Next Monday, August 21, we will experience the first total solar eclipse visible from coast to coast since 1918. Many of us will fall under it’s path.  The skies will darken during this time for an incredible solar experience and many have been wondering if this eclipse will have any astrological significance or personal effects.

Solar eclipses are a positive cosmic influence and while some may feel challenged, unstable, or confused, this is our time to be bold, make major changes, think big, set new intentions, tune into our intuition, plant seeds, move closer to our truth, reflect, be graceful, surrender and reconnect.  During the eclipse, the moon is literally and energetically blocking the sun rays, so you can expect to feel its intensity, heightened feelings and if you really tune in, you may feel it’s energy pulsating in your body. Shifts and higher energy frequencies will help clear out old blockages and patterning to allow more light and higher frequencies of love to enter.  We will be getting an upgrade as Mother Earth’s electromagnetic field intensifies. Changes may come as a sudden surprise, or they may build up gradually, but the notion of new beginnings is what will mostly be accentuated.

Have you felt the waves of energetic shifts lately?  Check in with yourself.  How are you feeling?  Do you feel like retreating and nurturing your being?  Are you feeling inspired?  Is the frequency too intense?  It’s important to go within and listen to your body as these shifts are happening. Take time to meditate, retreat and take in all of the elements around you.  Walk barefoot on Mother Earth’s soil, plunge into running water, take in all of the beauty around you and embrace all that is to be revealed through the cosmos.

xoxo, Naima Woodson, Beachbum Wisdom

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