Walking Your Sacred Path

Walking Your Sacred Path

You have been sent out into the world for a purpose, requiring you to enter life experiences with different states of mind, different levels of awareness of yourself and others, and different relationships with the world itself.  In this life of purpose and direction, you must build the foundation for everything you want to manifest, in love, money, health, relationships, career, energy…for whatever you wish to create in your life!  You must build and cultivate the awareness of your destiny and the need for it, in order to walk your sacred path.  You must be present for your sacred path and learn how to access your state of inner listening, observe the world around you, and stay in gratitude for the successes and failures that are constantly guiding you in your journey. In doing so, you must start with yourself, within yourself, to find the source and center of your power and inner direction.  You must be able to welcome whatever comes your way and simply choose to trust that the Universe is listening and paying very close attention to every thought and feeling.  You must feel oneness with your higher, divine self and open up to your radiance and light to connect to your inner truth and authenticity.  You must be able to relax deeply in your body, sit back, know, trust, and allow experiences to blossom.  It is in this space that your greatest gifts can be recognized and given to the world where they are meant to be given.

Your sacred path is not separate from your real life.  Even in moments of deep relaxation, everything you do is purposeful.  When you bring infinite awareness to any action, you’re making space to include a divine connection and inviting in a sacred experience for even the most mundane and ordinary life events.  The key is learning what you need to let go of so that your valuable time is free to do more of whatever brings deep inspiration, making each experience in life sacred.  You will then begin to feel presence, clarity, and be in constant communion with the Divine, wherever you are, no matter what you’re going through.  In your sacred path, you can be radically honest, totally fearless, embrace your darkness and your light, be in an unconditionally loving state of bliss and freedom, and completely surrender to your will.

Allow me to remind you that you are already connected to the highest source of divine love that you can imagine!  You are already walking your sacred path and don’t need anyone outside of you to walk confidently towards your ultimately rich, beautiful life experiences.

xoxo, Naima Woodson, Beachbum Wisdom

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