What Does “Holistic Health” Mean, Anyway?!

What Does “Holistic Health” Mean, Anyway?!

“Find joy in taking care of yourself… Mind, Body, and Spirit.”

In a recent interview by Chelsea Cooper of Lean Body Fit Camp here in Long Beach, CA, I was asked about the basics of holistic living and weight loss.  More and more individuals are becoming aware of the mind-body-spirit connection (yay!) with all of our interconnected parts, and are now seeking products and activities to participate in that make them feel good all over – Chelsea’s clients are no exception, and have been interested in learning more about what they can do to naturally achieve greater health.

Chelsea:  I always hear the term “mind body spirit” relating to holistic health.  What exactly is holistic health?

Beachbum Wisdom:  Mind, body, spirit health (also known as holistic health) promotes the overall well-being of a person by nurturing the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of health.  It emphasizes the need to look at the whole person, including an analysis of physical, nutritional, environments, emotional, social, spiritual and lifestyle values.  It also focuses on education and responsibility for personal efforts to achieve balance and well being. And by the way…spirit or spiritual is in no way making a reference to anything religious. I’m talking about the essence of who you are…the core self.


Chelsea:  Some of my clients would be interested in knowing if holistic health relates to weight gain/loss. Can a person that learns how to connect with all aspects of their being help them to lose weight faster, if that’s their goal?

Beachbum Wisdom:  Absolutely!  Because holistic health and healing approaches a person as a whole being, it addresses the root causes of a problem rather than just treating the symptoms.  As a result, a holistic approach can help you achieve long-term weight loss. Where other weight-loss efforts fail, a holistic weight-loss program can help you lose extra pounds and understand the comprehensive causes and effects of weight gain and loss.  Weight is primarily a function of diet and exercise. A holistic weight-loss program helps you work with the underlying causes of a weight problem on both sides. Why do you eat more than you should? How can you eat in a healthier way? How can you improve your exercise regimen? What physical, psychological, and social factors are contributing to your diet and exercise decisions?  Answering these questions can help you avoid undesirable patterns that prevent you from achieving an optimal weight. This is the core of the holistic approach.

Chelsea:  Many people rely on conventional medicine as a way to stay healthy.  If someone asked “Why should I care about holistic health?”, what would you say?

Beachbum Wisdom:  Traditional and conventional health, healing, and medical professionals treat the body and mind, but do not address the spiritual. In addition, both traditional and conventional medicine treat symptoms with drugs or surgery, rather than looking into the root cause of symptoms.  Holistic healing doesn’t view the mind, body and spirit as separate entities and promotes drugs and/or surgery only when absolutely essential after other solutions have been sought.  It looks for the underlying causes of symptoms, rather than just covering them up.  The mind, body, and spirit are not independent of one another.  They are in fact intertwined.  Any other approach is incomplete!

Chelsea:  What are a couple of basic things that people can do to start living holistically?

Beachbum Wisdom:  1.  Find joy in taking care of yourself.  That is the cornerstone of mind, body, spirit health, and the key to long lasting practices.  Explore new exercises and find one that will not only burn calories, but will bring you joy, happiness, and a sense of well being because you actually enjoy doing it.  2.  Meditate.  This is a holistic health technique that works across the board.  Meditation will bring you a heightened awareness of your feelings, and you will make you more cognizant of things that you never noticed before in your mind and spirit.

Anyone can benefit from holistic living, regardless of their age, ability, life circumstances or belief system.  You can practice this type of living to heal your body, reconnect with your spirit, calm your mind and maintain good health.

For more on Chelsea’s fitness programs at Lean Body Fit Camp, visit her website at www.lbfitcamp.com

xoxo, Naima Woodson, Beachbum Wisdom

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